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foto SB302 Absolutely combinable with any other sub of our production, this new Hi Density SUB has very unique characteristics regarding the pushing charateristics, beautiful sound and, given the little size and particularly low weight, excellent handling.

The internal structure of the cabinet, always strictly birch phenolic, allows the particular loudspeaker designed to provide high SPL values producing a ​​very low power compression, to perform their job very well without stressing the structure with undesirable vibrations coupled with amplifiers can provide decidedly considerable powers, in addition to being able to operate in adverse environmental conditions due to the particular treatment of both faces of the cone. The axial sensivity, typical of these “high-performance engines” give us the possibility of continuous drive without blurring even in critical loading conditions.

The numerous host for the legs which is equipped at the upper face allow a rational and intelligent transport and a field use, allowing various solutions of the stack perfectly stable and safe, as well as to stack up to three modules on a special cart also to form the cardioid configuration, with the center speaker in mechanics counter phase, simply reversed. The cart also available for two paired sub ​​(then four, with two in the second row) is also valuable to make simple the stowage procedure.

Specifications SB302

Frequency response: (±3dB) 40Hz-105Hz
Axial sensitivity: (2,83V@1m, SPL) 96dB
Power handling: AES standard 2000W
Power handling: program 4000W

           Spl Max:  132dB
Nominal impedance: 8ohms
Maximum pressure level: long term (SPL) 132dB
Maximum pressure level: peak (SPL) 135dB
Coverage angle: omnidirectional
Components: LF 18" Hi performance loudspeaker
Net weight: 41 kg
Dimensions: 64 x 52,5 x 55,5 cm (H x W x D)
Finishing: black impregnating and protective water paint, CUSTOM on request

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foto SB302 foto SB302 foto SB302 foto SB302 foto SB302
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